CBN Oil 10% + 10%

    CBN Oil 10% + 10%



    Take advantage of the amazing Entourage Effect contained in our 10ml bottle, with CBN 10% (1000mg) and CBD 10% (1000mg) offering general well-being to the whole body and its physiological functions.


    The Entourage Effect you will benefit from trying our CBN 10% and CBD 10% Oil

    Despite its lack of fame, CBN has numerous beneficial properties: it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic. Taken in combination with CBD, its capabilities will be further improved thanks to the Entourage Effect, bringing numerous benefits, especially those related to sleep. CBN is in fact an important sedative, especially if taken with other cannabinoids.

    This meeting is capable of bringing well-being to a higher level thanks to its terpenes, cannabinoids and antioxidants, contained in this powerful formula.

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    Quantità : 10 ml
    Quantità : 30 ml
    Quantità : 50 ml

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